Moving your home can be Overwhelming

Yes, It’s all Overwhelming During a recent client visit, we both admitted, Moving your home can be overwhelming. I was doing an estimate for a move last week when my client just stopped in her tracks, looked me square in the eye, and said, “it’s all so overwhelming.” “Yes,” I agreed, many of my clients feel like that at this … Continue reading Moving your home can be Overwhelming

Moving safely during the pandemic

How to move safely during the pandemic Many people fled big cities to suburban and rural areas during the pandemic.  The exodus is continuing as we see moves happening all of the time. But how can you make sure you and your family and your belongings are safe during your move. Here are some tips: 1.  Work with a reputable moving … Continue reading Moving safely during the pandemic

Preparing for Moving Day

What should you do to prepare for the big move? Preparing for Moving Day Make sure boxes are labelled so the movers know in which room they belong. If you have more than one bedroom, call them bedroom 1, 2, 3, 4, etc….and put the numbers on a piece of paper on each bedroom door. What should you pack to … Continue reading Preparing for Moving Day

Cold Weather Moving Tips

The weather never seems to cooperate when planning a move, especially when it’s in mid-winter.  With over 40 years of experience, Hercules Movers wanted to share our top 5 tips for moving when the weather gets cold. Shovel & Salt your driveway and walkways.  The last thing you want is for a moving company to track snow into your home … Continue reading Cold Weather Moving Tips

Moving with your pet(s)

Moving with your pet(s). You have so much on your plate when it comes to moving your belongings and your family to a new home. When it comes to moving with your family pet(s), you should remember a few things to keep them in check before, during and after the move. Before the Move: Contact your Vet to get your … Continue reading Moving with your pet(s)

Relocating Your Senior Loved One

Preparing for downsizing and relocation with your senior parent. The sandwich generation sometimes has the unfortunate decision to make when moving a parent to an assisted living senior community or nursing home. There are several factors to keep in mind leading up to moving day in this scenario. Fortunately, Hercules Movers has expertise in senior living relocation. Here are some tips … Continue reading Relocating Your Senior Loved One

Cut Moving costs by 30%

Spark Joy and cut your moving costs by 30% Are you preparing to move into a new home or apartment and scared at the thought of lugging those boxes, belongings and clothes?  Hiring a professional mover is the first step to easing your fears of moving everything, however, before you make the call to get moving quotes, try this first. … Continue reading Cut Moving costs by 30%

Moving Estimates Available After Hours

Because you shouldn’t have to schedule time off from work or skip that soccer game to meet with your mover to get an estimate. Get an Estimate After Hours Ever try to schedule a contractor to do an estimate after hours? We know you have, and boy, that can be tough. Working full-time or trying to nail down a 3-6 … Continue reading Moving Estimates Available After Hours

Downsizing Your Home

“It’s hard, but not impossible” At Hercules, we get a lot of calls from homeowners looking to downsize. While there are many articles that address this topic, we’re on the front lines helping customers manage downsizing every day. Here’s what we see. Most of us have been faced with moving a loved one and ‘paring down’ to essentials. What’s working… … Continue reading Downsizing Your Home

Hercules Movers Packing Hanging Clothes

How to pack hanging clothes for your move. Did you know you can rent wardrobe boxes from Hercules Movers?

About Philadelphia Suburbs Moving Company Hercules Movers

  Watch John Kane, owner of Hercules Movers, a Suburban Philadelphia moving company located on the Main Line, talk about how how Hercules Movers can help you with your home or business move. To find out more About Philadelphia Suburbs Moving Company, Hercules Movers, contact us.

How to pack a Lamp

Watch this video about how to pack a lamp, lightbulbs and lamp shade.

Hercules Movers Box Sizes for your Move

What box size(s) should you use for your next move? What should you pack in small, medium and large boxes? Where can I find moving boxes? We’ve answered these questions and more in the video below!  Watch now.

Hercules Movers How to pack dishes and glassware

How to safely pack dishes and glasses when preparing for your move.

How to Assemble a Moving Box

How to make a secure box so you can pack your belongings for your upcoming move.

Small Office Moving Specialists

Small Office Moving Specialists Are you a company making some shifts that require physically re-locating some departments within your building, or moving to a new office (under 15,000 square feet)? Don’t deal with a big national chain. Get better service and more hands-on accountability through your local small business moving specialists at Hercules Movers. You deal directly with the owner … Continue reading Small Office Moving Specialists

Guide to Moving Your Office

Guide to Moving Your Office So… you’ve been tasked with the Office Move? There are many aspects of an office move which can overwhelm even the most experienced multi-tasker. What should you do first? Read this guide to moving your office compiled by our expert team at Hercules Movers. Start with getting your team together. Coordinate a team of key … Continue reading Guide to Moving Your Office

The Skinny on Storage Facilities

The Skinny on Storage Facilities Need to store Items before your next move? Are you in between selling your home and moving into a new home? Are you downsizing and not yet sure what to do with all of your belongings? At Hercules Movers, we move household items into storage units every day. Here’s how we guide our customers in … Continue reading The Skinny on Storage Facilities

The Best Montgomery County, PA Dog Parks

The Best Montgomery County, PA Dog Parks Have you just moved to the Main Line or around Montgomery County, PA and want to know the best dog parks around?  We did some research using our own dog, Chase. (pictured, above) To keep your dog happy, healthy and out of trouble, you’ll need to find ways to exercise her brain and body. Visits … Continue reading The Best Montgomery County, PA Dog Parks

Main Line Restaurant Suggestions

As locals that have roamed these parts for over 30 years, we here at Hercules Movers have compiled a list of our favorite Main Line Restaurant Suggestions.  We hope you enjoy them too! From Main Line Today: Saturday Night Wine Dinner The wine list at Sovana Bistro in Kennett Square echoes its food in both quality and variety. Expect a smattering … Continue reading Main Line Restaurant Suggestions

How Much Will It Cost Me To Move?

One of the most common questions we get is “How much will it cost me to move?” Here’s how it works. Local movers like Hercules are regulated by the PUC (Public Utility Commission).   Most consumers are unaware of these regulations. What this means is there is a pre-approved hourly rate movers charge for their time, based upon the number of … Continue reading How Much Will It Cost Me To Move?

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