Hercules Movers overwhelmed by a move

Moving your home can be Overwhelming

Yes, It’s all Overwhelming

During a recent client visit, we both admitted, Moving your home can be overwhelming.

I was doing an estimate for a move last week when my client just stopped in her tracks, looked me square in the eye, and said, “it’s all so overwhelming.”

“Yes,” I agreed, many of my clients feel like that at this stage.

Rough plans are made, dates are uncertain, and there’s a lot of “stuff” to deal with. Especially in today’s times, facing a major move during these uncertain times can feel daunting.

Here’s how I break it down to make things easy.

1. Book your move date early. That sets your schedule and timeline and will give you a roadmap.
2. Take one room at a time. Pack up one room, mark your boxes, and move on to the next room. Hercules can provide boxes, tape and packing supplies with free delivery. We’ve got you!
3. The crew at Hercules will arrive on Move Day prepared. After over 30 years in business, we know what to expect and have seen it all. We will have extra boxes and materials on-hand to make your move as smooth as possible. If you didn’t get to it before, we’ll take care of it.
I gave her my cell number and told her to call me with any questions.
Breathe, you got this!
Moving your home can be Overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.
About Hercules Movers:
Residential & Commercial Mover With Experience. Owner John Kane began the day-to-day management of Hercules Movers in 1990. Our reputation rests in John’s hands-on management which provides personalized service for each and every move.  John started working as a mover while looking for his first job out of college; then after landing a job, he supplemented his income with weekend work, long before owning Hercules Movers. This kind of knowledge ‘from the ground up’ serves him – and his customers – well today.
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