moving during the pandemic

Moving safely during the pandemic

How to move safely during the pandemic

Many people fled big cities to suburban and rural areas during the pandemic.  The exodus is continuing as we see moves happening all of the time.
But how can you make sure you and your family and your belongings are safe during your move.

Here are some tips:
1.  Work with a reputable moving company regulated by the PUC (Public Utility Commission).  You would be amazed how many unreliable, inexperienced individuals are hawking moving services which utilize unsafe practices. Check with your Better Business Bureau before you hire an unknown entity.
2.  Keep hand sanitizer and face masks in your car on the day of your move so you have the necessities with you upon arrival to your new home.  You’d be amazed how many people pack their Covid-19 essentials in their boxes and cannot find them when they move in.
3.  Temperature checks. Your moving crew should do a daily temp check when they arrive at work so they are moving you safely during the pandemic.
Hercules Movers values your safety and we have our temperature checked every day upon arrival at work.  If a team member is not feeling well, we make sure they stay home for the safety of our customers and our other team members.
4.  Social distancing and mask wearing is key.  Talk to your moving company about their mask wearing and social distancing protocol during a move.
When our crew moves your boxes and furniture out of the house AND when we move them into the new home, our rule of thumb is to keep a safe distance from you and your family with masks on.
By communicating your needs with your moving company, pandemic safety best practices are easy to utilize.  Make it a point to have a frank discussion so that your angst about moving is put at ease from the start.
Contact Hercules Movers at  (610) 647-7032 with your Covid-19 moving questions.  We want to make sure you are Moving safely during the pandemic.