moving with your pet

Moving with your pet(s)

Moving with your pet(s).

You have so much on your plate when it comes to moving your belongings and your family to a new home.

When it comes to moving with your family pet(s), you should remember a few things to keep them in check before, during and after the move.

Before the Move:

Contact your Vet to get your pet’s records sent to the new Vet near your new home.  Also check out any emergency vet care facilities to make sure you’re all set in case of a need.

Consider square footage, pools, yard space and fencing when you choose your new space.

Cats need vertical space and dogs need easy access to the yard.

Update your pet’s microchip or Doggy ID with your new address right before the move.

During the Move:

When packing, try to keep your pet in the last room you’re boxing up.  They are creatures of habit and when you begin moving their surroundings, it may upset them.

Try to schedule a stay at a doggy day care, kennel or a friend’s home during the move.

Both cats and dogs will require crates for traveling by car. As anyone who ever attempted to drive with a cat cowering under the brake pedal knows, letting pets roam free is dangerous.

Try to acclimate them to their crate well in advance of the move.

Getting there:

It’s human nature to let you pet go all over the new space once you arrive in your new home. Instead, try to introduce them to one room at a time, slowly and methodically.  Make sure your belongings arrive before you and the pet.

Work on pet-proofing once you are all settled in.

If you’re stressing about the move and your pet’s behavior, hire a specialist who deals with pet relocation.

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