moving senior parents

Relocating Your Senior Loved One

Preparing for downsizing and relocation with your senior parent.

The sandwich generation sometimes has the unfortunate decision to make when moving a parent to an assisted living senior community or nursing home. There are several factors to keep in mind leading up to moving day in this scenario. Fortunately, Hercules Movers has expertise in senior living relocation. Here are some tips to help make your life easier and less stressful during this time.

     Family dynamics play into the move.  Usually several siblings and their families are involved in this coordination.  Make sure you have one point person for everything.  That is typically the leader in the family who can then appoint each family member a specific task.

     Emotions run high. Try to remember this.  Your parent is picking up and moving their entire life to an unknown community, downsizing his/her belongings and dealing with extended family opinions.  Try to remain calm at the center of this upheaval. It can be a very difficult day for everyone involved, but it’s important to make sure your senior parent is put at ease as much as possible.  Take some deep breaths along the way.

     Multi-stops are typical with this kind of move. Relocating involves moving furniture to a storage facility or someone else’s home.  It sometimes involves several stops along the way because a son or daughter stores some of the belongings.  John Kane, owner of Hercules Movers, is the ultimate logistics point person to facilitate this move smoothly.

Typically, a moving coordinator from the assisted living community is also part of the senior relocating process. Our moving company praises this person as the ‘star’ of the day because they are extremely helpful & comforting to your family and a huge help to the moving company. John Kane, of Hercules Movers, knows many of the local coordinators by name.  Let us know if you have a moving coordinator’s contact information and we’ll figure out all of the details.

Be sure to secure the freight elevator for a specific time frame so that the movers won’t have to wait. As a result, the speed of the move is faster and less painful. It allows you to settle your loved one into their new space quickly.

Ready to make the move for your senior parent moving into assisted living?  When Relocating Your Senior Loved One, Contact John Kane, owner of Hercules Movers,  at 610-647-7032.