Moving Estimates Available After Hours

Because you shouldn’t have to schedule time off from work or skip that soccer game to meet with your mover to get an estimate.

Get an Estimate After Hours

Ever try to schedule a contractor to do an estimate after hours? We know you have, and boy, that can be tough. Working full-time or trying to nail down a 3-6 hour time slot when you’re “home” isn’t easy. That’s why we are willing to come out to your home after hours or on Saturdays. John, the owner of Hercules Movers, has always been available after hours.

At Hercules, John will be available to answer questions After Hours

Every customer who uses Hercules Movers has John’s cell phone number. This goes a long way when you’re packing at 9 pm and have a question (Do I need to empty these dresser drawers?) John gets lots of calls like this, and he responds right at that moment when you need him.

Get Started by being prepared to answer these questions…

  1. When are you moving? Have a specific date or date range in mind, and let us know how flexible you are or are not. We book on a first come first serve basis.
  2. What size is the home or office you are moving? How many floors does it have? If it’s an apartment building, does it have an elevator?
  3. Are there any special items to be moved – i.e. pianos, safes, exercise equipment or other especially heavy or extra-large items beyond furniture?
  4. Finally, John will want to set up a time to do an in-home walk through to answer your questions and give you an accurate estimate of costs.

Want a moving estimate from an experienced moving company on your time, not ours? Contact Hercules Movers, your Main Line moving company today. Call (610) 647-7032