Downsizing Your Home

“It’s hard, but not impossible”

At Hercules, we get a lot of calls from homeowners looking to downsize.

While there are many articles that address this topic, we’re on the front lines helping customers manage downsizing every day. Here’s what we see.

Most of us have been faced with moving a loved one and ‘paring down’ to essentials.

What’s working…

  • As best you can, take the emotion out of it. Be prepared to part with things. It’s tougher than you think, as we are confronted with years of accumulation of personal items, collections, inherited furniture, artwork, children’s belongings, photos and album collections (yes, albums are still very much alive and well).
  • Planning, planning, planning! When Move Day rolls around, ideally, all of the hard work has been done. The homeowner has a clear plan for what goes where.
  • Multiple stops to family members, storage facilities, Impact Thrift or the dump that are well coordinated & labeled. This helps us load the truck accordingly.
  • Having helpers who know how to post things on Facebook to sell them quickly, or put them curbside for free.
  • Taking measurements so you know if that piece of furniture is going to fit in the new bedroom – Breakfronts, pianos (especially Baby Grands) and armoires are frequent offenders!

What’s not working…

  • “Let’s just bring most of it and figure it out when we get there.”
  • Indecision on moving day about what goes where
  • Bringing too many kitchen items – dishes, small appliances etc. Most of us are eating more prepared foods and eating out at this stage.
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When you are ready to downsize your home, call John at Hercules Movers for tips, tricks and advice as well as your go-to moving company in the suburbs & Philadelphia region .