The Skinny on Storage Facilities

The Skinny on Storage Facilities

Need to store Items before your next move? Are you in between selling your home and moving into a new home? Are you downsizing and not yet sure what to do with all of your belongings?

At Hercules Movers, we move household items into storage units every day. Here’s how we guide our customers in choosing the best storage situation. Many of our customers prefer Self-Storage for 24×7 access to their belongings.

The most common storage sizes are:

  • 10 x 15 feet which is about the size of a one car garage. You can fit a 2 bedroom apartment in here.
  • 10 x 30 feet is about the biggest size you can rent, which, when packed by a professional (tightly, and with pads to cover) – fits a 4 bedroom house.

The most important reason for selecting a particular storage unit is Location, Location, Location! Finding storage close to home makes it more convenient and less costly (travel time for your mover).

While price is a factor, also consider a unit that is climate controlled (more popular) vs. not climate controlled. Most Self-Storage units are open 24 hours/day and you are provided with a code for 24 hour access.

Sometimes a location will offer the first month free, so ask about any deals before booking.

Additionally, there are various types of storage:

Short-term storage usually means three months or less with longer term agreements offering discounts and better deals.  This often refers to a self-storage facility located near where you plan to move. By hiring a professional mover to help you pack a storage unit, your space will be used more efficiently.

Long-term storage typically works best for people who are moving from one place to another and need a place to store all their household items until their new place is ready.

When choosing a storage facility, ask the manager about their security systems.  Many storage facilities use cylinder locks which are much more secure than padlocks.  Padlocks can be cut by a burglar with bolt cutters and then replaced to make it look as though nothing has been touched.

A storage facility with 24 hour video monitoring is safer than one with limited monitors.

Another suggestion is to think about is adding Insurance for the items you store.  You are solely responsible for damage or loss in self-storage.  By providing a detailed account of your stored items and their value, your  homeowners insurance agent may provide an estimated cost.

When planning your move and thinking about storage concerns, John at Hercules Movers is available to advise you on choosing the perfect storage situation. Call John at (610) 647-7032.