How Much to Move?

How Much Will It Cost Me To Move?

How much to move my home or officeOne of the most common questions we get is “How much will it cost me to move?” Here’s how it works. Local movers like Hercules are regulated by the PUC (Public Utility Commission).   Most consumers are unaware of these regulations.

What this means is there is a pre-approved hourly rate movers charge for their time, based upon the number of trucks and number of workers on the job.

Getting an accurate estimate is crucial to finding out how much it will cost you to move. Our expert at Hercules Movers, John Kane, in the business for 20+ years can estimate your move cost efficiently.  By knowing how much time it takes to get to your site, cover & load your possessions, pack them in the truck, and unload them at your new site, he will confidently provide you a moving appraisal with accuracy.

An onsite estimate for your move will eliminate surprises on moving day. Request an estimate from a reliable and established moving company like Hercules Movers.