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Guide to Moving Your Office

Guide to Moving Your Office

So… you’ve been tasked with the Office Move?

There are many aspects of an office move which can overwhelm even the most experienced multi-tasker. What should you do first?

Read this guide to moving your office compiled by our expert team at Hercules Movers.

Start with getting your team together. Coordinate a team of key intra-office stakeholders who can assist you and be sure to include a representative from your IT, Facilities and HR departments.

Next you should speak to local movers with solid reputations.  Ask for references and follow up with those references.

Several weeks prior to the move, take inventory of your office and clean house. The goal here is to be as lean as you can for moving day. Archive files offsite if necessary.

Use a Moving Checklist.  This handy checklist will guide you everything to prepare for your office move including notifying appropriate vendors, communications with employees, setting up new systems, reviewing agreements with equipment vendors, packing guidelines and so much more!

Communicate with employees about their individual responsibilities. It will make moving day go much smoother if everyone is in the loop as to timelines and what they need to do to ‘be ready’.

Schedule box delivery with your mover in advance so you can pack everything up. Hercules Movers provides this delivery at no additional cost.  Contact John Kane at Hercules Movers 610-647-7032 for more tips to help your office move run as smoothly as possible.

Enjoy your new space!